Thursday, September 3, 2015
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Hunters Show For WRD Regs Meetings
Does days, bag-limit reductions and baiting hot topics amongst hunters.
By Brad Gill
Posted Wednesday January 30 2013, 11:58 AM
John Bowers (standing, right), assistant chief of Game Management, hosts the public meeting in Wrens for the 50 hunters who showed up.
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Hunters showed up in big numbers for a series of public meetings hosted by WRD to help them set the 2013-2015 hunting regulations. The meetings were held Jan. 7-10 in Camilla, Clayton, Columbus, Cumming, Folkston, Richmond Hill, Rock Spring and Wrens.

A total of 545 individuals attended the public meetings, and 202 individuals provided input at those meetings. In addition, 390 individuals submitted input electronically, in writing, or by telephone.

Of the 592 comments, the most heard comment (184) was a plea to the state to consider reducing the doe bag limit, followed by a consideration in reducing the number of either-sex days (93).

In reference to baiting, 59 hunters asked the state to consider allowing hunting deer over bait in the Northern Zone. However, 54 hunters commented by asking for the state to prohibit hunting deer over bait statewide.

Hunt Regs Timeline

Public meetings and public comment period.

Hunting regulation proposals are received from WRD’s biologists and other field staff.

March: Proposals are completed and presented to the Board of Natural Resources for input, review and tentative approval.

April: Public notice (30-day) of the proposed regulation package. WRD holds three public hearings on the proposed regulation package to receive public comment. Public comment on the proposals also may be submitted electronically, in writing or by telephone.

May: Formal action on proposed regulations by the Board of Natural Resources.

June: Development of the annual Hunting Seasons and Regulations booklet.

July: Complete development and publication of the annual Hunting Seasons and Regulations booklet.

August: Hunting Seasons and Regulations booklet is made available on the website, at DNR offices and at other retail outlets.
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